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Design and manufacture of furniture.

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Let’s give some air to your daily practice.

The way our society develops in a socio economic way, prices per square meter and the concentration of the population in our cities make us reflect about solutions adapted to a new way of life.
The solution is the mobile and multifunctional wall.
Thanks to its mobility, it redistributes the available surface according to the number of people present by multiplying or diminishing the rooms.
Through its multyfunctionality it modifies the use of the rooms according to the needs at that specific moment of the day.
It will prove to be a valuable ally, in moments when the kids come and go from week to week, at all ages and in numerous circumstances.


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Let’s give some air to your everyday
This range of furniture was conceived to make the available space multifunctional.
Indeed, it will permit to welcome all the features of your place of residence or holiday.
This will allow you to juxtapose in a discreet way a kitchen, an office, a laundry, a cloakroom, a dressing, a library,…
Once supper is over you can hide away the kitchen in a jiffy, letting reappear your sitting-room.
When in use the doors sliding inward allow easy access without any loss of space. Once closed they will reassume their neutral appearance.
Professional spaces
This range of furniture will find its way in professional spaces:Cloakroom, storage and kitchenette in the office or in the conference room.
This furniture will also enable the partitioning of your spaces.


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